Fantasy Rules

Multiplayer Mode

A Multiplayer team consists of 2-4 Hashletes users.
To be considered an eligible member you must enter at least three players.
A team becomes eligible when there are at least two eligible members.
When an eligible team hits or exceeds the points target, each eligible member of the team will receive an even split of the team’s total prize.

The Multiplayer game allows an NFL player to be used twice in the team as long as each one is entered by a different member.

Entrants work together to build a team of up to 14 NFL players consisting of:

2 – QB, 2 – RB, 2 – WR, 1 – TE, 2 – DL, 2 – LB, 2 – DB, 1 – K

Offensive Scoring

Passing yards1.0 per 25 yards
Passing touchdown4.0
Interception thrown-2.0
Rushing yards1.0 per 10 yards
Rushing touchdown6.0
Receiving yards1.0 per 10 yards
Receiving touchdown6.0
Offensive fumble recovery for a touchdown6.0
Fumble lost-2.0
2 PT conversion (pass, run, or reception)2.0

Defensive Scoring

Solo tackle2.0
Assisted tackle1.0
Tackle for loss2.0
Sack yards1.0 per 10 yards
QB hit1.0
Pass defended/deflected2.0
Forced fumble3.0
Fumble recovery3.0
2 PT conversion/Extra point return2.0
Touchdown (fumble or interception)6.0

Special Team Scoring

PAT made1.0
FG made (0-49 yds)3.0
FG made (50+ yds)5.0

Hashletes uses official NFL statistics provided by FantasyData.com and only includes statistics from games NFL deems to be official. Any changes or stat-corrections provided by FantasyData.com after a contest has ended and Hashletes has settled the contest, will not impact the already settled contest. However, if a correction is made due to a bug with the data feed or contest settling process, the contest results may be altered, payments may be reversed, and redone based on the correction.

If the NFL declares a game “postponed” or "suspended," then the statistics generated in the game before that point will count toward the contest. Any statistics generated when the game takes place or resumes will count only if it occurs before the Wednesday of that week. If due to the cancellation, postponement, and/or suspension of games, there is only one NFL game left in a contest, then the contest will be canceled.

Entrants into Hashletes Fantasy Contests compete to accumulate points based on NFL players’ statistical performance in NFL games. Contest results are determined by the total points accumulated by each individual lineup entry according to the scoring rules summarized below.

Based upon the contest chosen, entrants form lineups consisting of offensive, defensive, and/or special teams players at the following positions: quarterback (QB), running backs (RB), wide receiver (WR), tight end (TE), offensive line (OL), defensive line (DL), linebacker (LB), defensive back (DB), kicker (K), and punter (P).

As entrants form lineups, they may only select NFL players for whom they possess a Hashletes Token. For example, to enter Player X into a lineup, an entrant must possess a Player X Hashletes Token. Entrants may enter multiple lineups simultaneously, but may only use each a Token in their possession in one contest at a time. For example, if a user only has one Player Y Hashletes Token, the user may only enter Player Y into one contest that week. On the other hand, if the user has two Player Z Hashletes Tokens, the user may enter Player Z into two separate contests that week. With that said, an entrant can never enter the same NFL player twice into the same lineup.

Game Modes

The lineup requirements vary based upon the game mode selected. Player positions are determined at the sole discretion of Hashletes. No matter the game mode, lineups must include players from at least 2 different NFL games.

Offense Mode

Entrant can enter a lineup of up to 7 players. The lineup consists of the following positions:

1 – QB, 1 – RB, 2 – WR, 1 – TE, 1 – K, 1 – FLEX (RB/WR/TE)

Defense Mode

Entrant can enter a lineup of up to 7 players. The lineup consists of the following positions:

2 – DL, 2 – LB, 2 – DB, 1 – FLEX (DL/LB/DB)

Lineup Edits

Lineups may be edited at any time leading up to games. Each individual player will become "locked" at the scheduled start time of their team’s game. A locked player cannot be added or removed from a roster spot. Locked roster spots for all entries are displayed in the game configuration screen.

In the rare case that a game starts before the scheduled start time, all players within that game will become locked as soon as our data reflects that the game has begun. Additionally, any changes that were made after the real-life start time of the game will result in those lineups being disqualified and refunded.

If you are unable to access Hashletes services and cannot edit lineups or enter a new contest, please report the problem to support@hashletes.com. In the case that you cannot access the Service or utilize a functionality over extended periods of time, are otherwise prevented from editing lineups, or in certain other situations, we may provide instructions on how to cancel your entries over email before the contest begins.


You must be 18 years of age or over (21 years of age or older if located within or a resident of Massachusetts) to play in any Hashletes contest with an entry fee or prize. You must also be a resident of the USA or Canada and be physically located in the USA or Canada to play in any Hashletes contest with an entry fee or prize. If you are physically located in Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas or Washington, you cannot enter a contest with an entry fee or prize.

Please review the other eligibility requirements in our Terms of Use.

Multiple Accounts

Each user on Hashletes is permitted to maintain one account. "Multi-accounting" is expressly prohibited. If you have opened, maintained, used or controlled more than one account, as determined in Hashletes sole discretion, Hashletes may ruminate or suspend any or all of your accounts and any may revoke or withhold any prizes that you have won.

Suspended Accounts

If you undertake any actions that are detrimental to Hashletes or other users on Hashletes’ service, we may suspend some or all functions associated with your account. We expect suspended users to respect the disciplinary actions that we have imposed on your accounts. If you want to communicate with us regarding restoration of your account, please email support@hashletes.com.

Highly Experienced User

Hashletes may identify those users with certain levels of Token ownership and/or experience (as required by law) with a series of badges available to see for all outside consumers. Certain users may not be permitted to enter certain contests based upon their level of Token ownership and/or experience. A user will be designated as “Experienced” if that user has entered more than 500 Hashletes contests or won $2,500 across 6 or more contests. A user will be designated as “Highly Experienced” if that user has entered more than 1,000 Hashletes contests or won $1,000 in three or more contests.

Maximum Entries

Hashletes limits the maximum number of entries that a single user may enter into a single contest. Each contest will specify the limits for that contest. Generally speaking, a user cannot enter more than:

  • 1 entry in a contest involving 12 or fewer entries
  • 2 entries in a contest involving 13-36 entries
  • 3 entries in a contest involving 37-100 entries
  • the lesser of (i) 3% of all entries or (ii) 150 entries in contests involving more than 100 entries

Cancelling Entries

Hashletes permits entrants to cancel entries for most contests as long as you request cancellation more than 15 minutes before the contest starts. If you attempt to cancel an entry less than 15 minutes before the contest starts, you may not be able to cancel an entry if the contest is already filled. If you attempt to cancel an entry for a filled contest within 15 minutes of the contest starting, Hashletes will not accommodate your cancellation request.

Traded Players

NFL player trades may impact contests. Hashletes updates players’ team designations once per day. In certain instances, a contest may involve a player’s old team but not their new team, or vice versa. Therefore, traded players may not appear as available in those contests or may no longer be available, in which case, you will need to select a replacement or will receive zero points for the player.

On the day a player is traded, the player may still be listed for their old team. If the player’s new team is also involved in the contest, you will still receive points for their performance, regardless of the team designation shown in the service. These points may not be reflected accurately during live scoring, but will count at contest settlement time. Also note that contest settlement may be delayed in order to ensure accuracy.

At its own discretion, Hashletes may update the pool of players that are eligible to be selected for a lineup. In the event that this takes place, Hashletes will contact users currently entered into that contest slate to alert them of this change

Player Status and Injury

When entering a lineup, Hashletes may display a player status indicator, providing information, including, but not limited to a player’s injury status and/or whether he is active on an NFL roster. These indicators are based on information provided to us by a third party. While we do our best to ensure accuracy, Hashletes is not responsible for the information.


Use of unauthorized scripts is prohibited on Hashletes.

Contest Cancellation

Hashletes reserves the right to cancel contests in our sole discretion, without any restrictions. Typically, we would only do so in cases where we believe that due to problems on our services or occurring in events impacting the sporting events, there would be questions regarding the integrity of the contest.