What is Hashletes?

Hashletes is a platform that creates digital collectibles (aka tokens) for athletes, ways to use them (like games and content), and a place where users can trade Hashletes collectibles with each other. We are a fully licensed partner of the NFLPA, and will be starting with NFL athletes this year.

What are Digital Collectibles?

We remember the physical sports memorabilia that we had as kids. Bobbleheads, jerseys, signed pucks; they were simple items but they formed a meaningful bond between us and our favorite team or athlete. Unfortunately, digital fan experiences like fantasy sports have fallen short of replicating this meaningful bond. Hashletes Tokens are digital representations of player likeness that recreate the connection between fan and athlete through the scarcity, design and utility of the collectibles themselves.

How can I use my Digital Collectible on the platform?

At the moment, the use cases for player tokens are twofold: users can collect them like you would ordinary analog trading cards, or you can use them to play in games. In the future, we are working on building experiences where owning an athlete’s token can give users access to things like a token-owner community, scarce merchandise, and content.

How many tokens per athlete are there?

For the 2018-2019 NFL season, there are 25,000 tokens per athlete. Each year we will release more tokens for each athlete in the NFL.

How do I buy and sell player tokens?

There are two ways to buy a Hashletes token. The first is from Hashletes directly; Hashletes sells individual player tokens as well as packs containing groups of player tokens. The second is from another user; Hashletes provides a platform where users can trade tokens which each other. If you want to sell a player token, you may go to the Marketplace and sell directly to another user.

How do games work?

Lets look at Hashlete’s Offense game for an example. There are 7 positions (QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, K, and a flex position that may be WR/RB/TE) that you have to fill to play in the game. If you own players in each of those positions, you may enter them as a lineup before the games start for the week. If you don’t win, you get your tokens back. If you win, you may receive a prize if the contest offers that. We use standard fantasy scoring to determine lineup rankings at the end of the week.

When do lineup entries and edits close?

You can make lineup changes at any point throughout the week. However, players become locked and inaccessible when their games start.

Can I enter multiple lineups?

Yes. No more than one entry in a contest involving 12 or fewer entries, two entries in a contest involving 13-36 entries, three entries in a contest involving 37-100 entries. In any contest with more than 100 entries, a user may not submit more than the lesser of (i) 3% of all entries or (ii) 150 entries.

Who is allowed to play?

Anyone over 18 will be allowed to play games with prizes (except Massachusetts, where you must be 21), with exceptions for current NFL players, NFL agents, NFL referees, employees of other fantasy sports operators, and anyone who Hashletes deems to have an unfair information advantage.

How can I cash out my account balance?

You may cash out your account balance through PayPal or ACH after you verify yourself on the platform.